Social Studies & History Apps


123 World Geography

123 World Geography for iPad

AA+ American/US History Study Guide

Abolitionists: Shmoop US History

Abraham Lincoln Biography

Abraham Lincoln Quotes!

Amazing World Castles HD

American Civil War Daily

American Civil War Locator

American Civil War Study Guide

American Dreams - Speeches and Documents

American Museum of Natural History

American Presidents - 2 in 1

American Revolution Study Guide

American Revolution Trivia Quiz

AP US History FULL

AP U.S. History 5 Steps to a 5

AP World History Exam Prep


Battle of Gettysburg

Benjamin Franklin’s Autobiography

Black History in An Hour

Booker T. Washington Works

California Gold Rush: Shmoop US History


Causes of the Civil War: Shmoop US History

Causes of the Cold War: Shmoop US History

Civilization Revolution

Civilization Revolution for iPad

Civil Rights Movement: “Black Power” Era: Shmoop US History

Civil Rights Movement: Desegregation Shmoop US History

Civil War Aficionado

Civil War Aficionado HD

Civil War American’s Epic Struggle

Colonial New England: Shmoop US History

Civil War Quiz 101: US History

Colonial Virginia: Shmoop US History

Colonial Williamsburg

Colonialism Study Guide

Constitution and Federalists Papers

Constitution for the iPhone and iPod Touch

Constitution for iPad

Constitutional Convention: Shmoop US History

Discovery News

Declaration for iPad

Declaration for the iPhone and iPod Touch

FDR’s New Deal: Shmoop US History

French Revolution Study Guide

George Washington Quotes

Google Earth

Greek Gods

Harriet Beecher Stove Works

Historic Earth

Historical Events

Historical Markers

History Classics

History for Kids

History: Maps of Africa

History: Maps of Americas

History: Maps of Asia

History: Maps of Europe

History: Maps of Middle East

History: Maps of U.S.

History: Maps of World

History: Today


History of Mexico Study Guide

History of Slavery Study Guide

History of Spain Study Guide

History of Thanksgiving

History of the United States

History of United States

History Trivia Quiz

HistoryTube - the history video lounge

History Quiz Revision

iAmerica - The Pocket Guide to US History and the USA


Inside Abraham Lincoln

IQ US History Tivia

iUSA - The Pocket Guide to the United States

Jamestown: Shmoop US History

Jim Crow: Shmoop US History

Library of Congress - Virtual Tours

Lincoln Letters, iPad Edition

Lincoln Speeches and Analysis

McGraw-Hill U.S. History Quiz Set 1

Mexican Revolution

Muckrakers & Reformers: Shmoop US History


Mysteries of the World

National Mail

New England Puritans and Pilgrims: Shmoop US History

Oregon Trail

Pocket Trivia: US History

Progressive Era Politics: Shmoop US History

United States Puzzle Map


Spanish Colonization: Shmoop US History

Stack the States

The American Revolution: Shmoop US History Guide

The Boston Tea Party Study Guide

The Civil War: Shmoop US History

The Federalists: Shmoop US History

The Freedom Trail

The French Revolution

The French Revolution: A Short History

The Jefferson Presidency: Shmoop US History

The Oregon Trail FREE

The Spanish-American War: Shoop US History

The Vietnam War: Shmoop US History

The World Fact Book

Thematic Maps of World

Thirty Years a Slave HD

ThisDay - Today in History

Today in American History

Today in History

Top 10 Greatest Speeches

Underground Railroad Locator

U.S. Constitution and Facts

U.S. Historical Documents

U.S. Historical Documents PRO


US History

US History Quiz

US President

US Presidents - Cool Facts

US Presidents (Match’Em Up History and Geography)

US State Quizzle

US States (Match’Em Up History and Geography)

Westward Expansion

Westward - Wild West Frontier Simulation

World Atlas HD

World Book - This Day in History for iPAD

World Castles HD

World Flags (Match’Em Up History and Geography)

World History Documents

World History - Oxford Dictionary

World History Study Guide

World History Timeline

World History Trivia for The Factual Intellectual

World Religions Pocket Book

World War I: Shmoop US History

World War II: Shmoop US History

World War II, 1939 - 1945

World War II History Podcast Companion

WWII Posters - iPad Edition

WW2 Daily

From maps to documents, here are a few good social studies and history apps to check out on iTunes...